I’m Lanya McKittrick (Lane), a Ph.D. candidate in Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado, specializing in Deafblindness, Blindness/Visual Impairments, Deaf Education, Family-Professional Partnerships, and IEP’s. My dissertation title is Strategies that Parents of Children who are Deafblind Employ to Foster Collaboration within IEP Teams.

My research interests include collaboration and family-professional partnerships; services and supports for students who are deafblind and their families; self-determination; student-led IEP’s; transition; inclusion; and disability studies.

My research is rooted in my own personal experience as a mom to four sons, including two who have Usher Syndrome, the leading cause of deafblindness in the U.S. I co-founded the Hear See Hope Foundation to raise awareness and funding for Usher research and to support families through their Usher journey. Now I help them advocate for their children and navigate IEP plans. I’m also an experienced higher education teacher, administrator, and grant writer.

CONTACT ME: lanyamck@gmail.com