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Lanya McKittrick with sons Dalton & Conner.

Meet Lanya McKittrick, PhD

Author. Public Speaker. Trainer.
Special Education Researcher. Mom.

As a mom of three children with disabilities, I understand the overwhelming feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, and upheaval. For 25 years, I have been dedicated to supporting families of children with low-incidence disabilities through their unique journeys. I do this through direct support with families, sharing my story, training, public speaking, and giving families a voice through my special education research. ​​

Lanya McKittrick, PhD

Areas of Expertise

Speaking & Training

Lanya is an accomplished public speaker as well as a trainer for education professionals.


Silence & Light, Lanya's memoir, will be available  on September 3, 2024 Download an advance chapter.

Special Education Research

As a PhD, Lanya conducts research on all areas of special education with a particular focus on deafblindness.

Family Support

Lanya works with families of children with disabilities, offering guidance and resources.

Lanya McKittrick on a hillside arms spread out at dusk.

Coming September 3, 2024

"Silence and Light"

A mother's journey of self-discovery through advocacy.

by Lanya McKittrick, PhD

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